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Hope For Those Facing Criminal Charges In Alabama

Getting charged with a crime can turn your whole life upside down. Whether the charge stems from a single poor decision, a lapse in judgment or sheer bad luck, it can jeopardize your entire future. More serious charges could tarnish your reputation and cost you your freedom. And even lesser charges can impact your criminal record, turning up on background checks and limiting your opportunities.

At Prendergast Law LLC, lawyer Patrick Prendergast understands the challenges you’re facing. He focuses his entire practice in Fairhope, Alabama, on helping people overcome criminal charges. Drawing on over a decade of legal experience – and five years as a former prosecutor – he knows how to address even the toughest of charges with skill and determination.

A Strong Advocate Against Charges For All Kinds Of Crimes

Mr. Prendergast can represent you in any kind of criminal case in Alabama, including:

As a former prosecutor, attorney Prendergast knows how the other side will likely approach your case. He uses that knowledge to develop effective, proactive strategies. He is also very familiar with the courts of Baldwin County and is a proven trial lawyer.

What You Can Expect In Working With Criminal Defense Lawyer Patrick Prendergast

At Prendergast Law LLC, communication is a priority. You can expect regular contact from Mr. Prendergast about any and all developments in your case. He is committed to making sure you understand what is going on – the nature of the charges against you, the steps your case may take, the pros and cons of different decisions and the potential ramifications of each decision. His goal is to empower you to make informed choices you can feel good about. To that end, he is always open and transparent, and will never sugarcoat the truth.

Take Back Your Future – Reach Out Today

Criminal charges can take a big toll on your peace of mind. Take the first step toward addressing them by contacting attorney Prendergast online or by phone at 251-222-2912. He will be upfront with you about the potential fees involved in your cases, and there is no obligation to proceed.