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When may Alabama’s statutes allow someone to possess marijuana?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Alabama’s Senate Bill 46 allows licensed distributors to sell medicinal cannabis products. As reported by the Montgomery Advertiser, when the state-licensed distributors become operational, Alabama residents with qualifying medical conditions may then use marijuana products to ease their symptoms. Availability estimates point to late 2023 as a possible time frame for purchases from licensed distributors.

When you visit a doctor approved by the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, you may receive a diagnosis that allows you to use medicinal cannabis. You may need to ask for copies of your medical documents to confirm the illness or ailment. Your doctor may also give you a valid medical card to buy cannabis products from licensed dispensaries.

Which medical conditions may qualify for a valid medical cannabis card?

Individuals diagnosed with at least one of the qualifying conditions may fall within Alabama’s rules for purchasing and using legal cannabis. As reported on the NORML.org website, marijuana can treat several medical conditions. A severe illness such as cancer may allow patients to qualify for a valid medical card.

Patients with psychological conditions such as depression and PTSD may also ask their doctors for a card. Approved ailments include those conditions affecting the nervous system such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

How could legalized marijuana lead to criminal charges?

As noted by NORML.org, qualified users with a card and diagnosis may have up to 50 mg of marijuana for the first 90-day period. Without an approved condition or a medical card, however, officials may charge individuals with drug-related offenses. Selling marijuana to someone else, for example, may result in a felony charge. If you face allegations of unlawful possession or sale of marijuana, a strong defense could help you avoid a conviction.