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How a drug conviction can affect your life

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Drug Crimes

The desire to alter consciousness through substances is a human impulse. Getting caught with illegal drugs has no bearing on whether you are a good person.

Regardless, the law treats all individuals in possession of illegal narcotics the same. Even if you do not get any jail time, a drug conviction will surely haunt you.


Companies want to know they can trust new hires. Access to background checks is increasing. Thus, human resources departments are using them more frequently. A drug conviction means occupations in law enforcement and health care could be off-limits to you. Other fields may still be open to you, but a criminal conviction could always prompt an employer to choose someone else.


Banks want assurance you will have the ability to pay them back. A history of incarceration means these institutions may perceive they are less likely to see a return on their investment. Many believe past behavior predicts the future. Thus, lenders tend to avoid applicants whose histories include breaking the law. Student loans and car financing could also be out of reach or much more expensive.


Drug activity is a liability that landlords want to avoid. They are under no obligation to allow tenancy by anyone with a drug conviction, and many simply will not. That gives you limited options for living situations and makes your life more difficult.


People with addiction problems love their children. That said, divorce courts often frown on such activity. A bitter ex may use the opportunity to cast doubt on your parental abilities. The result could be less time with your kids.

Having an arrest record is never beneficial. If criminal charges for drug activity stick, you may face a variety of burdens outside of incarceration.