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Could drug court keep you out of jail or prison?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Many Alabama drug offenders wind up spending time in jail or prison after receiving convictions for drug offenses. Yet, placing offenders with substance abuse disorders behind bars is not always effective. In some circumstances, those charged with drug offenses in Baldwin County have the option of enrolling in drug court as a means of having their charges reduced or dismissed, or having the penalties associated with those charges lessened.

According to the Baldwin Drug Court, drug court programs seek to give some drug offenders a possible alternative to imprisonment and other penalties. While drug courts hold drug offenders accountable for their violations, they also help provide them with the tools, resources and support services they need to try to overcome their substance abuse dependencies and put them behind them once and for all.

How drug court works

Those who gain entry into drug court must uphold certain compliance requirements during the program. They must make regular court appearances, attend substance abuse treatment meetings and submit to regular drug tests. They may also have to uphold other compliance requirements as directed by the court.

How drug courts benefit offenders and communities

While completing drug court may lead to a reduced sentence or dismissed charge, it may also help offenders in other ways. Research indicates that those who complete drug court become less likely to reenter the criminal justice system. They are also more likely than those who face traditional penalties to reunite with children who might have otherwise had to live under the care of someone else.

Individuals facing drug charges in Baldwin County may want to investigate further to see if they are eligible to enroll in drug court.