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Can a DUI impact your nursing career?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2021 | DUI

A DUI conviction on record can impact numerous aspects of your life, from your education to your career. Unfortunately, for some, a DUI can have a heavier toll on employment than for others. Those in the medical field often fall under this category.

Nurses, in particular, may end up in a serious bind in the event of a DUI conviction. One single DUI charge, even with a previously clean record, can potentially alter your entire future.

Consequences for all citizens

Registered Nursing takes a look at the impact of a DUI on your nursing career. They note that a nurse will face the same discipline as any other citizen, first. This includes any potential fines, fees, or time in jail. It also includes the possibility of driver’s license loss or suspension, as well as mandatory attendance to rehabilitation programs or similar courses.

Board of nursing penalties

However, nurses will also face additional repercussions on top of these. The state board of nursing will have a say in your case. Each state has its way of regulating nurses who face DUI convictions on record. They may look at things like the prior history of DUI, the circumstances around the conviction and a statement highlighting what the nurse will do to avoid such issues in the future.

They will also look at whether or not the conviction is a felony or lead to the injury or death of another person. After all, a nurse must uphold patient care and safety. A nurse who harmed others even off the clock poses a moral problem. Depending on these factors, you may face a period of probation, supervision at work, or even the revocation or suspension of your license.