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Can your company share your DUI with coworkers?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DUI

Alabama law enforcement hit you with a DUI recently. Despite the charge, you still want to advance your career. Should you worry about potential coworkers and others in leadership positions learning about your drunk driving charge?

Chron breaks down situations in which companies may share details of a DUI with other employees. Know when employers could share your interaction with the police with others in the company.

Work history

While looking into your work history, an employer may notice red flags that require further investigation. For instance, a background check may reveal a job candidate’s incarceration. If the applicant said she or he worked, but it was during an incarceration period, a potential employer may want to get to the root of the matter. Doing so could involve bringing in a recruiting manager or HR representatives.

Leadership roles

Do you want to apply for a high-level position? If so, your DUI may require a selection committee or board of directors to discuss the matter. If your criminal charges relate to your job responsibilities, such as driving a company vehicle, the company may wonder whether you make for the right fit for the job. Talking about the matter and taking a vote could be the only way to reach a fair decision.

Conditional employment offer

When a company wants to hire a job candidate, they may conduct a background check. If HR learns about the potential employee’s DUI, they may put the brakes on the hiring process if doing so does not violate the candidate’s rights. Rather than tell the hiring manager about the drunk driving charge, the HR representative may instead say the person’s background check results disqualify her or him from the job.

Get the facts on which company personnel may know about your DUI before your first day.