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Are there rules to using an ignition interlock device?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | DUI

Installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle enables you to maintain your driving privileges after a DUI in Alabama. Your eligibility to use the device depends on whether or not you meet certain requirements.

Once installed in your vehicle, you must use the device properly. Tampering with or incorrectly using your interlock device could suspend your eligibility and result in additional criminal charges.

Installation and use

You cannot go just anywhere to acquire an ignition interlock device. You also cannot use just any device. According to the Alabama Department of Forensics (ADFS), the device installed in your vehicle must meet their specifications. They approve certain devices after assessing that each has met a lengthy list of requirements. Providers must also comply with the ADFS instructions or they too could face charges.

You will receive instructions regarding the use of your device. Listen carefully and understand how to operate it. Recognize that any failed tests could impact your eligibility. Excessive failures could result in a number of outcomes including loss of driving privileges, vehicle impound and additional charges.

Compliance and removal

If you try to remove your device or tamper with it to prevent its use, you could face numerous consequences. Only a qualified entity can remove it once you have met the requirements for its use.

Using your device regularly can prevent you from getting another DUI. This may encourage you to form healthier habits, as well as save you the heartache and stress of getting another DUI. Recognizing the value of an ignition interlock may help you identify ways that it can benefit you and improve your situation.